New Batman v Superman TV Spots Give Tours Of Gotham & Metropolis


New Batman v Superman-themed Turkish Airlines ads offers flights to the bustling cities of Metropolis & Gotham!

Well it’s not the new trailer many were expecting/hoping for, but we did get two new TV spots featuring Batman v Superman on the day of the Super Bowl. Two ads of a real airline (Turkish Airlines) offering flights to two fictional cities. Just the latest example of this weird meta-level of advertising Batman v Superman has done along with “real” interviews with fictional characters such as Lex Luthor.

The ads both feature cities on the supposed upswing after a rich benefactor swoops in the help restore the city. Gotham finally rebounding from years of rampant crime thanks to a generous grant from playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne and Metropolis is “open for business” again after the destructive battle in Man of Steel thanks to a very generous grant from Lex Luthor. Check out both ads below:

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As someone who really has not been a fan of the marketing for Batman v Superman to date, I have to say I think both of these ads are incredibly clever. Like if this was the first set of ads I ever saw for this movie I’d be really intrigued, because they set up a lot for the world state of Batman v Superman without really revealing anything rather than putting every single thing out there so we don’t have any surprises or questions when we actually go see the movie. Experience a lengthy tour of both Gotham and Metropolis when Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.

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