Supergirl Season 1, Episode 13 Synopsis: For The Girl Who Has Everything


The latest new episode of Supergirl has the same title as an old *NSYNC song, though it’s not likely to have anything to do with boy bands. Instead, it’s a reference to a famous 1980s Superman Annual and a fan favorite episode of Justice League Unlimited that might hint at the identity of the villain.

In both the comic and the cartoon, Superman fell victim to an alien plant who put the Man of Steel into a dreamlike coma where he experienced life on a Krypton that never exploded, one in which he had a wife and kids. With some help from Batman (and Robin, in the comic) and Wonder Woman, Superman was able to break free and defeat the villain Mongul, who had hoped to destroy Superman while he was experiencing his heart’s greatest desire.

A look at the “For the Girl Who Has Everything” synopsis from CBS shows that Kara is about to experience something very similar this week:

"Kara’s friends must find a way to save her life when a parasitic alien attaches itself to her and traps her in a dream world where her family is alive and her home planet was never destroyed. Also, Alex, Hank and the DEO must fend off a Kryptonian attack while Kara is out of commission, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, Feb. 8 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET) on the CBS Television Network."

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Could the TV villain also be Mongul? It’s certainly possible, considering that the main premise of Supergirl is that she is helping to protect the Earth from extraterrestrial threats, and they don’t come much bigger in that category than the yellow-skinned alien who once blew up an entire city.

The only thing is that he’s such a heavy hitter that it usually took more than one hero to defeat him, and it’s hard to see Kara matching blows with him at this early stage of her career — unless she had help from Martian Manhunter, but it appears he’ll be busy with issues of his own this week.

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It’s still a fantastic way to work in a classic DC Comics story written by the great Alan Moore, one that promises to show us more of Krypton than we’ve seen in any episode of Supergirl to date. Tune in Monday, February 8 at 8 pm on CBS to find out if that is indeed the case.