Dominic Purcell Explains Why Heat Wave Is More Interesting On Legends Of Tomorrow Than On The Flash


It’s difficult to pick one breakout hero or villain on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow simply because the writers have done such a great job with nearly the entire ensemble (save for the Hawks, but that’s a discussion for another time). The time-hopping series has elevated a group of supporting characters and turned them into compelling leads, each one exploring new dynamics by interacting with each other. Still, if you were forced to single out one who’s been an especially pleasant surprise, Heat Wave would be a worthy choice.

As played by Dominic Purcell on The Flash, Mick Rory was an entertaining but one-note character, a wild pyromaniac who served as the itchy muscle to Captain Cold’s calculating calm. He rarely got to show much in the way of humor, motivation or much else besides menace.

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In contrast, he’s been a scene-stealing revelation on Legends of Tomorrow, delivering perhaps more quips than any other member of the team while also remaining true to his core personality as established in his previous appearances. Heat Wave is still out for his personal well-being and not above delivering quite a bit of violence along the way, but there’s plenty more to him than it may have first appeared.

DC All Access host Tiffany Smith recently caught up with Purcell on the Legends set while he and his colleagues were shooting the upcoming episode “Star City 2046,” and he explained why Rory has had a chance to showcase himself so much more on this show.

"When Heat Wave was seen on The Flash, it was just snippets. It was all very quick, and we didn’t really explore his character. Obviously Heat Wave is what he is. He’s this combustible, hyper, funny … I wouldn’t say psychopath, but maybe. And in this show, he is all that and more. We get to see the layers, we get to see why he is kind of like this. Why Heat Wave is loyal to Captain Cold, the reasons why they are friends. Heat Wave comes on the screen and you’re always expecting something of him, and I think that kind of plays into his fire and brimstone."

A big part of it is seeing him get to interact with people other than Leonard Snart and Barry Allen. Through the first few episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, we’ve seen Heat Wave go out for a drink in 1975 with Cold and White Canary, try to pull of a heist with the Atom and help convince Jax to take a joy ride. Having all those additional personalities around helps to define Mick in ways that just weren’t possible on The Flash.

Be sure to watch the entire episode of DC All Access for more from Purcell, Arthur Darvill (Rip Hunter) and Caity Lotz (White Canary) as they prepare to visit the Star City of tomorrow.

“Star City 2046” is scheduled to air on February 25. Heat Wave and the remainder of the Legends of Tomorrow have new adventures every Thursday at 8 pm on The CW.