Marvel’s Agent Carter: When Will We See Dottie Underwood?


We are four episodes into Marvel’s Agent Carter in its second season, and the infamous Dottie Underwood from Season 1 has been in just one episode for only a handful of minutes. While we don’t necessarily need a villain that overtakes multiple seasons, her limited appearance feels a little lackluster.

To refresh your memory (and give you a hint to where I’m going), Dottie started this season dressed up as Peggy, robbing a bank to get that lapel pin for the Arena Club. She was apprehended by the SSR, interrogated by Peggy, interrogated by Thompson, and then turned over to the FBI.

Specifically, she was handed over to Vernon Masters. The same Vernon Masters who just interfered with the SSR West’s raid on the Arena Club.

After this week’s episode, “Smoke And Mirrors,” it’s even more obvious that Vernon Masters is evil, deep into a conspiracy of which we’ve barely scratched the surface. With his hand in the Council of Nine, he’s definitely up to something, and his influence knows no bounds.

Dottie Underwood is definitely part of that. So when do we think she’ll pop back up on screen?

Not two episodes ago, Whitney Frost was terrified of Agent Carter, so much so that she manipulated her husband into setting their bodyguard on her. Now, with her superpowers, she may not be as afraid of her as she once was, but why get her hands dirtier than they need to be? Why not ask to sick Dottie on her?

Because sooner or later, it will come out that Dottie Underwood has a vendetta against Peggy Carter (as well as a very unhealthy obsession). You can very well bet that will be used to the Council’s advantage. She may be an “enemy” at the moment, but why was she going after that lapel pin? She has a connection to them, and it’s more than just Vernon Masters having her within his reach.

Dottie Underwood is a very powerful weapon, and someone not to be trifled with. With the SSR hot on their scent, the Council of Nine will do anything to make sure their influence and power isn’t stopped, especially with a senatorial race in the mix. If they can use one of Agent Carter’s biggest enemies to their advantage, you better believe they’re going to use it.

Look, we’re talking about a group of white guys who coordinated the assassination of President William McKinley and caused the Stock Market Crash of 1929. While Agent Carter isn’t necessarily a threat of that size, she’s definitely a formidable foe, and the Council will pull out all their tricks just to make sure she’s stopped.

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There are very pointed lines being drawn that won’t come together until the back half of these episodes. Rest assured, Dottie Underwood will have her hands in it somehow.