Did You Catch This Batman Easter Egg On Last Night’s Flash?


The Earth 2 episode of The Flash had many fun moments, including a subtle but obvious reference to several Justice Leaguers!

The Flash journeyed to Earth 2 in last night’s episode, and it was one of the best episodes of a usually great show, filled with fun Easter Eggs and fun twists on well known Flash characters. I won’t spoil most of them here, but there was one in particular I feel I had to call out. SPOILER WARNINGS FOR THE EPISODE OF THE FLASH TITLED WELCOME TO EARTH 2 FOLLOW. READ AHEAD AT YOUR OWN PERIL.

There is a scene where Barry from Earth One is posing as Barry from Earth 2, and comes into his house and finds out his mom called. Now if you have been following The Flash or know his basic origin, you know his mother was murdered when he was very young. So he calls to basically talk to his mom and hear her voice once again. Granted, it’s not really Barry’s mom, but it’s as close as Barry will get to ever talking to her. It’s a very emotional scene. It’s also where the show put arguably one of its coolest and most subtle blink and you’ll completely miss it Easter Eggs. The speed dial on Barry’s phone:

While there’s a nice reference to the deceased Earth One Eddie Thawne, You’ll also see 3 very obvious names below that. Bruce, Hal & Diana. These are obvious references to Bruce Wayne aka Batman, Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern and Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman.

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Some sites seemed to jump the gun and claim this hinted the Justice League was on Earth 2 in the multiverse of The Flash, but there’s several problems with that. Obviously even if Barry Allen of Earth 2 has Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan & Diana Prince on speed dial, he’s not the Flash on Earth 2 and therefore it’s incredibly unlikely he’d be in touch with the Justice League, who is also probably comprised of entirely different people on Earth 2 (i.e. in an earlier episode where we had a brief glimpse of Earth 2, the Arrow was Oliver Queen’s father). So in reality it’s just a really quick and fun Easter Egg that will most likely never have a payoff or be referenced ever again. But still a really cool one. Be sure to tune in to The Flash next Tuesday on the CW for even more dimension-jumping adventure!