A Ton Of Batman The Animated Series Toys Are Coming


Tons of cool figures based on the seminal Batman The Animated Series are coming our way over the next year

Haven’t had enough Batman The Animated series figures yet? Well I’ve got good news for you, DC Collectibles is releasing a whole host of figures based on Batman The Animated Series in the coming year, even including some obscure one-off characters and even expanding into another animated show!

While the large majority of these figures are based on Batman The Animated Series, DC collectibles is also releasing a set based on the awesome and highly underrated Batman Beyond featuring old Bruce Wayne, Terry McGinnis as Batman Beyond and faithful Bathound Ace. That is sadly the set we have to wait the longest for however as it isn’t coming out until January of next year. It will be priced at an extremely reasonable $50. The most expensive single figure is Clayface at $40, but he’s also the biggest of these not counting a pretty huge Batwing that can seat two figures and lights up at $100.

Also of note is Batman, Carrie Kelley Robin, and Mutant Leader from The Dark Knight Returns segment of Tales of the Dark Knight, which will release in October for $70 and a Girls Night Out pack releasing for $80 in December that will feature Poison Ivy, Batigrl, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, and Livewire.

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But my favorite by far is the Christmas Joker from Christmas With The Joker, which is the first episode of Batman The Animated Series I ever saw and I watch every year around Christmas. That will fittingly be available in December of this year for $28.  So all this in addition to a deluge of Batman v Superman (and Suicide Squad) merchandise will make 2016 a year where most the wallets of of most Batman fans are perpetually empty.

h/t USA Today