Could Deadpool Beat Batman?


Could Marvel’s favorite wacky assassin beat DC’s most resourceful hero? We examine what would happen if Deadpool fought Batman

Deadpool opens in theaters everywhere this weekend. Batman v Superman opens in less than a month. Batman v Superman will clearly be the box office champ of the two films (at least for DC and Warner Bros. sake, it better be, one’s an R-rated movie about an obscure character and the other features two of the biggest superheroes of all time and is PG-13) , but who might be the victor in a physical fight between the merc with the mouth and the dark knight? There has been lots of fan analysis and even a  rap battle, but never an official fight between these two characters (even though through the decades Marvel & DC have had plenty of crossover events).

First I think it’s best to establish how I feel about these characters, so there isn’t any perceived bias. I am definitely a bigger fan of Batman than Deadpool, but unlike many Batman fans out there, I’m a realist about Batman. Batman can beat anybody with time to plan, sure. But that could apply to virtually anyone. There’s lots of people that he only beats either with tons of assistance or extremely convoluted luck. It doesn’t make him any less cool, but it’s important to be realistic about his limitations. That being said, he has also beaten guys that should theoretically way out of his league with little more than his natural abilities and resourcefulness, so let’s not sell him short either.

Deadpool on the other hand, does he even have limitations? Sure, he doesn’t have super strength or speed, but behind all that wackiness and fourth-wall breakage is literally an unstoppable assassin. He can’t die.  But hey neither can Vandal Savage, and he seems to be beaten constantly, so the while the no-dying thing would certainly give Deadpool an edge, it’s not an insurmountable one.

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If you need an realistic scenario of how these two meet and would actually end up fighting, let’s say for the sake of argument Deadpool is hired to kill Batman. He is a mercenary after all. He is not a good guy, he is a guy who usually does stuff for selfish reasons or money. If he ends up saving the day, that’s often purely by accident. Deadpool would most likely just try and take Batman out with a sniper rifle, but considering Batman has dodged everything from sniper bullets to goddamn Omega Beams, that wouldn’t work, so it would come down to a straight up fight.

Aside from Deadpool’s healing factor, probably the best thing he’s got going for him is pure unpredictability. I mean Joker is crazy and unpredictable, so Batman is certainly used to that. But Deadpool is unpredictable to the point that he often has no clue what he’s actually doing, which sounds like a bad thing. But when you are practically invincible, you have the luxury of throwing everything including the kitchen sink at a situation and see what works, and that works to Deadpool’s advantage in most situations.

So, when it comes down to it, how would the fight go down? I think it would actually be a pretty intense, fairly even match in a purely physical fight. But that’s where things also get more interesting. Batman is easily more disciplined and probably better trained, but Deadpool is more than willing to maim and kill, something Batman is almost never willing to purposely do and that may certainly give him a brief psychological edge, but Batman also deals with enemies not only willing, but pretty intent on killing him on a regular basis, so that’s certainly nothing new.

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Ultimately, who would win this battle between DC’s darkest hero and arguably Marvel’s weirdest anti-hero? I think Deadpool COULD beat Batman but 9 times out of 10 Batman would be victor. You don’t have to kill someone to beat them, and honestly Deadpool’s biggest weakness is himself. He has 3 personalities, constantly arguing with themselves all the time. He literally gets distracted by shiny objects and has random ADD moments. In a fight against Batman, you would need all your concentration and Deadpool has virtually none. It would be a fun fight to watch, and it would probably be closer than some would think, but bottom line, Batman beats Deadpool. Have some additional thoughts to add? Disagree and actually have valid reasons why? sound off in the comments!