Final Batman V Superman Trailer Released!


Check out the final trailer for Batman v Superman!

Looks like Warner Bros. pulled the trigger a little early. We knew there was a brand new and possibly final trailer for Batman v Superman coming soon, but we didn’t know exactly when. Apparently when is now because Warner Bros. just dropped it online!

This new trailer does feature quite a bit of new footage mixed in with stuff we’ve already seen, but nothing I’d consider spoiler territory. the opening is pretty cool with Batman taking on about a dozen heavily armed thugs and looking very badass doing so. We get a little more footage of both Lois Lane and Wonder Woman. Check out the new and final trailer for Batman v Superman below:

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I liked this trailer a lot more than any of the previous ones. It looked tight and snappy, and really gave nothing away about the film. I in fact really wish this trailer and the Turkish Airlines ads that aired during the Superbowl were the only ones we had gotten so far. Virtually nothing of the film would’ve have been given away and we get a lot of cool moments (Batman blocking Superman is a pretty awesome moment). Now, this may be the final official trailer, but we are still over a month out from Batman v Superman, there may be plenty of more footage that surfaces such as extra footage in TV spots or clips when the cast is being interviewed on a talk show, etc. I will say this trailer has raised my hopes a bit more that this will be Zack Snyder’s best effort to date (which is good because it really needs to be). Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.