Marvel’s Agent Carter: Music To Spy By


Marvel’s Agent Carter has been killing it this season with the musical cues. From starting the season with “The Hills of California” by Johnny Mercer and the Pied Pipers to this week’s awesome slow-motion walking set to “Pistol Packin’ Mama” by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters, the showrunners haven’t let us forget that we’re set in the 1940s.

But it isn’t just this season that has these iconic scenes/iconic songs. Remember last season’s fight scene set to “It’s A Good Day” by Peggy Lee? Who knew we needed Peggy Carter kicking butt in a diner set to super happy music?

So I’m here to give the writers, producers, showrunners, whoever over at Agent Carter some song ideas to use going forward. Because I adore 1940s music, so much so that 40s on 4 (I can’t call it 40s Junction, I’m sorry) is the first preset on my radio. I’m that weird person that likes her Sinatra pre-1943—you know, when he was still with Tommy Dorsey and backed up by Jo Stafford and the Pied Pipers before they broke off on their own, too.

Anyway, here are my ridiculous ideas for songs to use in the upcoming season and the scenes they might accompany.

1. “Daddy” by Sammy Kaye

After Whitney Frost gains unlimited power, she casually strolls onto a glamorous Hollywood set in some sort of mask, people trailing after her. She steps into the spotlight to reveal the massive zero matter scar that now resides on both sides of her face with this song from 1941 playing.

2. “Uptown Blues” by Jimmie Lunceford

Something goes wrong on a mission uptown—maybe Dottie escapes again, maybe Whitney Frost absorbs Jason Wilkes and he’s lost to another dimension. Something goes poorly, and Peggy, Jarvis, and Sousa are forced to retreat in shame with this haunting song playing in the background…which could lead into…

(Unrelated side-note: This song also plays in the queue for the Tower of Terror in Walt Disney World.)

3. “Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well” by Wynonie Harris (as part of Lucky Millender’s Orchestra, in case you were curious)

All three of them sit at a nearby bar, sipping dourly at their drinks, Sousa with his chin on the bar, Jarvis mumbling about what else could have been done, and Peggy already asking for another whiskey. All with Wynonie Harris playing softly in the background.

4. “Make-Believe Ballroom” by Charlie Barnet

When Agent Carter finally saves Jason Wilkes and then triumphs over Whitney Frost and all of her lackeys, they don’t have the ability to go out and celebrate. But imagine Wilkes turning on the radio with this song playing in the lab at the SSR and he and Peggy just start dancing … in their make-believe ballroom. Too on-the nose? Hey, maybe the SSR is located between 18th and 19th on Chestnut Street!

5. “Let’s Fly” by Johnny Mercer and the Pied Pipers

It’s the closing scene of season two. Peggy’s faith in humanity has slowly been restored in the back-half episodes, since this season has shown a much fiercer, more negative Agent Carter than we saw in season one. She takes a seat on the plane back to New York City—or maybe the SSR is going to let her head her own branch that Howard will turn into SHIELD — and stares wistfully out the window while Johnny Mercer croons about getting away. Peggy needs a vacation anyway.

This season opened with Johnny Mercer, so why not end it with him, too?

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Look, I’m sure none of these songs will actually appear in this season, or even next season (if there’s a next season). But if the Agent Carter writers need any musical input, I’m more than happy to help!