Gotham: Bruce Wayne Seeks Control


Bruce Wayne seek more control in his life on his path to becoming Batman when Gotham returns

I’d say easily the character that grew the most in the first half of Gotham season 2 has been Bruce Wayne. He even had what could only be defined as a true Batman moment when he pulled that masterful deceit on Silver St. Cloud late in the first half of the season (also props need to go to David Mazouz for stepping up his acting as well, made the moment all the better). So what is in store for Bruce Wayne when Gotham returns from hiatus? Gotham Executive Producer John Stephens talked to about that exact subject:

"I think with all of these things, it’s a coming of age story. None of these things are going to be smooth or direct trajectories. It’s going to be a step forward, a step back, peaks and valleys. I think you’ll see Bruce make big steps towards becoming that person who’s going to be Batman this season, and then have failures and setbacks that sort of reorganize his life and readjust his priorities. I think we can keep pushing the boundary back, then having him knocked down and learning lessons. I think if you look at Bruce Wayne now in season 2, and look at the way David [Mazouz] plays him, you can look at him and see how this person could become Batman. You see that strength, and the desire to take chances and change."

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It makes sense that Bruce might stumble along the way. We’ve got theoretically got years before he becomes Batman, even if he started at like age 20, so it would make perfect sense that he will have times when he isn’t sure he’s on the right path and gives up for a little while. It’s all on the long road to become Gotham’s greatest hero. Watch the journey when Gotham returns on February 29th on Fox!