Bushido Batman Shows Spirit Of Samurai


Square Enix takes Batman back in time again with Bushido Batman!

It has been said Batman embodies the spirit of a samurai (at least in that one episode of Batman The Animated Series anyways). And Square Enix makes that a literal truth with their latest Play Arts Kai figure Bushido Batman!

Square Enix’s Play Art Kai Bushido Batman is the latest in a line of Batman figures based around different time periods. Previous figures include Wild West Batman, Spartan Batman and Steampunk Batman.

Bushido Batman will come with two swords (one significantly longer than the other one) scabbards, a grappling hook (becuase regardless of the era Batman has a grappling hook. If they make a Ice Age Batman, he will somehow have some primitive form of a grappling hook) and interchangeable palms. Bushido Batman will be released sometime in June of this year for a slightly pricey but not outrageous $175 (not when there are $900 figures out there). You can check out a gallery of Bushido Batman below:

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Bushido Batman looks cool and all, but I wonder if he would actually use swords? I guess he would be skilled enough to make sure he uses them for non-lethal means most of the time. No word on whether or not this is the final entry in Square Enix’s Batman through the ages either. Personally, I’d love to see a Viking Batman or a French Renaissance Batman. Once again Bushido Batman will be out in June and retail for $175.

h/t Robot 6