Gotham Stories Chapter 3 Online


Gotham Stories Chapter 3 finds Mr. Freeze still chasing down Penguin

Who’s ready for another annoyingly short chapter of Gotham Stories! I mean I get these aren’t supposed to be long, but at about a minute each, they don’t even really have time to get going. Anyways, in chapter 2 of Gotham Stories, Penguin escapes Mr. Freeze’s initial assault inside the warehouse, but managed to lose all his underlings (except Selina) in the process. As Chapter 3 of Gotham Stories starts, it seems like there is only a matter of time before Freeze catches up to Penguin. Watch Chapter 3 of Gotham Stories below:

Well, it is nice of Selina to actually come back for him and to see Penguin make a narrow escape, but it’s not like you felt Penguin was actually in any danger. And there’s no clarification of Mr. Freeze’s “job”, did someone hire him? Was it Butch? Freeze has never been one interested in money but if it was enough to fund his important personal research to cure his wife, he’d probably be willing to take out half of Gotham much less Penguin.

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The interesting thing is now where in the timeline of Gotham do these Gotham Stories take place. The synopsis for the Winter Premiere episode of Gotham indicates that Victor Fries isn’t Mr. Freeze at the beginning of the episode (though he may be by episode’s end). Will we see this actually play out in live action in an episode of Gotham? Start watching when it return February 29th on Fox to find out!