Henry Cavill & Ben Affleck Have Seen Batman v Superman


Batman v Superman stars Henry Cavill And Ben Affleck claim they have seen the film

It’s not that unusual for actors to actually not watch their own movies. It’s probably weird seeing yourself on a big screen, and you might notice flaws no one else does. But during last night’s NBA All-Star game tip-off, Batman v Superman stars Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck confirmed that they have indeed seen the actual finished movie already.

But that’s literally all they say about it. Just that they’ve seen it. You would think they would take a few seconds to say what a great movie it is, but they just move right on to the next question. The rest of the stuff is incredibly boiler plate (what was training like, is the role intimidating, etc). Not that I’m expecting anything mind blowing out of this interview, but a little new insight on Batman v Superman would be nice. The only really entertaining part of the interview is Ben Affleck slips up and says he’s playing Superman, but corrects himself almost immediately. Watch the video of  the stars of Batman v Superman, Henry Cavill & Ben Affleck talking about the movie with some all time NBA greats below:

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Now, does it actually mean anything that while Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill have seen Batman v Superman, they didn’t talk about it? Not really. They may be under strict orders to not say anything, be it negative or positive about what they thought of the film. They also still might not have seen the final cut, as Zack Snyder recently claimed he wasn’t 100% done with the movie quite recently. Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.

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