Review: DC Super Hero Girls Webisodes 10-12


The 12th webisode in the DC Super Hero Girls shorts series aired yesterday on the DC Super Hero Girls website and YouTube channel, and that means it’s time for my new review!  Due to the shorts each only being a couple minutes long, I’m reviewing them in threes, with this review including webisodes 10-12.  Warning: Due to the length and nature of the shorts, it’d be hard to spoil much, but here’s a fair warning that I won’t be withholding from mentioning anything that happens in them.

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Webisode 10: “Club Life”

In webisode 10, Poison Ivy visits the Super Hero High club fair after being told by Principal Waller that she needs to add some social activities to her transcript.  The writers really made good on showcasing the different characters’ traditional affinities.  First off, while I’m still not too thrilled that villains aren’t really being portrayed as villainous, at least Poison Ivy still delights in having one of her plants bite Star Sapphire’s nose.  Was that supposed to be a nod to Batman Returns?  Also, Poison Ivy seems to care more about plants than humans, which is obviously one of the things that leads her to commit crimes in the comics.  Barry Allen being a member of the science club is also a fun nod to his future career as a forensic scientist.  The final thing I want to point out is what the Metropolis Junior Detective Society is investigating.  Says Hawkgirl: “The Kryptonian ship landed at 0900 hours, and its female occupant… where?  Where?”  We’ve known for a while that she’s on the way, but here’s the first hint at Supergirl’s enrollment in the school!  The only real complaint I have about this one is Wonder Woman’s dialogue.  She cracks two jokes in a row, and they both fall really, really flat.  I’ll give “Club Life” eight batarangs out of 10.

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Webisode 11: “Hero of the Month: Bumblebee”

It’s time to honor the January Hero of the Month in webisode 11!  Following in Poison Ivy’s footsteps, Bumblebee takes home the award this time.  I have a feeling that the Hero of the Month shorts are going to get old rather quickly.  Rather than having a plot like the other webisodes, they are just highlights of a certain hero saving people, and they’re usually shorter than the other ones as well.  I mean, I honestly think the coolest part of “Hero of the Month: Bumblebee” is Hal Jordan making a smiley face construct as congratulations.  Tara Strong’s still killing it as Harley Quinn, and I suppose seeing her jumping on a trampoline with “Ha Ha Ha” written all over the wall was a fairly Harley moment.  There was only one thing I saw that might be an easter egg in this short, which is a reporter at the scene of a burning building who kind of looks like she’s Lois Lane.  “Hero of the Month: Bumblebee” warrants seven batarangs out of 10.

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Webisode 12: “Saving the Day”

One thing I’ve been crediting DC Super Hero Girls for doing is establishing continuity and multi-webisode arcs.  “Saving the Day” caps off a three-short arc in which Wonder Woman must design a new super-suit for Crazy Quilt’s class.  I’m still not crazy (pun intended) about a villain being a teacher at Super Hero High, but this was a really good webisode.  Wonder Woman is in class displaying her new costume when she, Poison Ivy, Bumblebee, and Harley Quinn respond to a “save-the-day alarm” to save Mr. (Lucius) Fox.  Mr. Fox’s jet pack malfunctioned, leaving him stuck on the amethyst at the top of one of the school’s pillars. All the aforementioned students had their abilities on display in this one, which I really liked.  They got pretty creative with Harley Quinn’s role in saving Mr. Fox, as she used a giant whoopee cushion to break his fall.   We then find out that Cheetah sabotaged the jetpack, in addition to a multitude of other things throughout Season 1, and she is sent to detention.  Out of all the traditionally-villainous students at the school, she has certainly been the one whose personality has been most in line with how it usually is portrayed.  She puts Mr. Fox’s life was on the line there.  This webisode has a solid plot, and we get to see some characters in action.  It gets eight batarangs out of 10.

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Wonder Woman has been the main character of the series so far.  I think it’s because she is the featured character of the first installment of the DC Super Hero Girls book series, which hits shelves on March 1.  We’ll have to see whether the end of the costume design/Cheetah arc means the focus will shift to another hero, though.  Let me know what you thought of webisodes 10-12 in the comments, and be sure to keep it locked to Caped Crusades for more DC Super Hero Girls reviews and for all your Batman news!