Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 7 Recap And Review: Monsters


If you missed the first recap of tonight’s Marvel’s Agent Carter double-header, you can check it out over here. Now, onto the second episode!

Not-So-Short Summary: Whitney Frost is holding a press conference regarding Chadwick’s death (a boaking accident off the coast of Catalina Island, if you want the cover up version).

Vernon Masters tries his hand at torturing our Russian spy friend. “I’ve pulled out my own teeth, my own nails, my own hair,” Dottie breathes, insane and wonderful. “I’m no Nazi harlot.” He injects her with veritaserum to get the truth out of her. We’ll see how that goes.

Whitney Frost gets her hands on Dottie–literally. That’s one way to get someone to talk. Whitney Frost wants to know what Peggy is after, and Dottie gives it all up. Frost now knows everything, including the fact that Jason Wilkes still exists.

Ana is Wilkes’ hands, compiling his chamber that will keep him anchored to this world when he becomes whole. Wilkes is losing it, both physically and mentally. He saw the lingering looks and the hand holding between Agent Carter and Sousa last episode and it hurts him. Plus, the zero matter is messing with his brain and he can’t believe Peggy is more interested in tracking down Dottie than in saving him.

They try out his makeshift chamber. Peggy injects him with the zero matter and it keeps. He’s so excited that he reaches out and kisses her, wholeheartedly, and the Jarvises have the best reactions. Right after that, the tracker in Dottie’s Tiffany necklace kicks on and she and Jarvis head straight into what they know is a trap.

It doesn’t go well. They wind up down in the cellar with Dottie. “Your idealism blinds you, Peggy,” Dottie tells her before the delayed detonation of their initial cover. She also tells Peggy that it wasn’t a trap for her: it was a trap for Jason Wilkes.

She attempts to absorb Jason Wilkes back into her, but he fights against her, taking some of her own zero matter. He’s stronger–he’s back out in the real world, but only temporarily. Whitney Frost tries to convince him to follow her, dragging him into the dirt and pointing out that the only reason Isodyne hired him was because he was expendable, a black man no one would remember.

As they try to flee with Wilkes, Ana confronts them, only to get shot in the stomach right as Jarvis and Agent Carter drive up. They take her to the hospital where she’s rushed to the OR. And of course, Dottie escapes the confines of the trunk.

On the side, Vernon Masters sicks Sousa on finding the stolen uranium rods that Whitney Frost is after. Masters tries to butter him up; Sousa doesn’t fall for it, and they both see through each other’s facades. When Sousa tries to leave his house that night to head to Stark’s house, he gets beaten up by two thugs in ski masks for trying to be a “hero,” obviously the work of Masters.

The next day, Vernon Masters pays a visit to the SSR. They keep playing their dance around the truth. Masters says he’ll be taking over SSR West until Sousa can get back on his feet. That’s going to go well, especially when Peggy tries to reach Sousa at his desk and instead finds Masters.

Jarvis and Peggy sit in the waiting room to see if Ana will even make it out of surgery. It’s a tense, aching moment, especially if you’ve ever been in their shoes.

Badass Moment of the Week: I’m going to go with Jarvis, Dottie, and Peggy all breaking out of their restraints in the cellar. I mean, those hired goons who tied them up must not know how to tie knots. Seriously!

Best One-Liner: “You know, I’m not in the movie business, but I think you’re gonna need a lot more makeup to cover that up,” Dottie says of Whitney Frost’s scar.

The runner-up quote goes to Jarvis trying to choose between Wilkes’ incandescent smile and Sousa’s eyes.

Ana and Wilkes have their own mini-date before Whitney Frost arrives where she makes him Hungarian food and he eats it like there’s no tomorrow. He’s very much back to his chatty, charismatic self that he was in the first two episodes.

Looks like next Tuesday is another double header of Agent Carter episodes with Peggy looking to get Wilkes back while Jarvis is hellbent on revenge. It’ll be a rousing good time!