Toy Fair 2016: Funko Marvel Pop Vinyl, Dorbz And More

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Funko Marvel collectors will have new product lines, expansions of returning favorites and existing products reaching out to new properties in 2016. That was obvious from a tour of the Funko booth at Toy Fair 2016, where all kinds of goodies were on display, including a bunch that were being shown in person for the first time.

(And as evidence of that, a buyer pointed out that one of the heads on a figure on display wasn’t the right one, which happened because some of the products were so new that they were shipped from overseas and assembled at the Javits Center before the show began last week.)

Bam Smack Pow got to see what was new in a booth tour with a Funko representative, who helpfully pointed out all of the highlights. Let’s get to them all, beginning with what you see above …

New Funko Marvel Pop Vinyl

Good news for fans of Marvel Pop Vinyl, as the main line will continue and branch out to new characters. Pictured above (along with Supergirl) are three characters who figure to be in demand during 2016: Doctor Strange, preparing for his solo movie debut this fall; Spider-Gwen, who continues to be popular in comics; and Captain Marvel, who will lead one side of the conflict in Civil War II this summer.

Other New Marvel Pop figures to look for in 2016 include Doc Ock, Falcon and She-Hulk, all in their classic comic book costumes, and Nemesis Punisher.

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