Art of Batman v Superman In New Book


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Art of the Film shows off the wonderful art behind the film

There are a bevy of Batman v Superman books coming out around the time of the movie, and yay to anything that gets people to buy books. Double yay to a book that promotes the often underrated importance of the art that goes into making a film, and that’s exactly what Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Art of the Film does.

Here’s the official description of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Art of the Film:

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Art of the Film, takes fans deep into this world, accompanied by insight and interviews with cast and crew, including an afterword by director Zack Snyder. Packed with stunning concept art, Zack Snyder’s storyboards, blueprints, costume detail and behind-the-scenes shots from the set, this book is an invaluable insight into the world of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The hotly anticipated sequel to Zack Snyder’s 2013 blockbuster Man of Steel: buy Man of Steel: The Official Novelization and Man of Steel: Inside the Legendary World of Superman also from Titan Books."

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You can pre-order the book through Amazon right here. Oddly enough, it doesn’t actually come out until after the film is out on March 29th (possibly to avoid spoilers), but hey even if you don’t like the movie, you may appreciate the art direction and want to learn more about it. Books like this also usually sport things like early concepts and ideas that didn’t make it into the final film, so it’s most likely worth checking out at some point. Check out the art of Batman v Superman comet to life when the movie opens in theaters in March 25th, and then if you like the art on screen, you can pick up the book to learn more!

h/t CBR