10 Biggest Superhero Movie Opening Weekends Of All Time

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All hail the power of Deadpool. As the first solo adventure of the Merc With a Mouth continues to break box office records, it’s fair to examine where it stands now among the top superhero movie opening weekends of all time.

On that score, Wade Wilson ranks among the very best, and he certainly blew away all expectations. But when it comes to raking in money hand over fist during the first three days of release, the team that Deadpool wanted for years to join in the comics is the one that has done it the best.

Opening weekends aren’t everything, of course, but in the current, increasingly front-loaded era of box office totals, coming out of the gate fast is one of the better signs of overall success. In other words, it’s not how superhero movies finish but how they start that usually matters most.

Deadpool would likely disagree with that just for the fun of it. Or he’d figure out a way to get past the movies in front of him, using underhanded means if necessary. Maybe for Deadpool 2

While we ponder the possibilities there, let’s jump into the 10 biggest superhero movie opening weekends of all time.

All box office data via Box Office Mojo; list updated as of February 18, 2016.

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