10 Biggest Superhero Movie Opening Weekends Of All Time

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7. Deadpool

Release date: February 12, 2016

Opening weekend total: $132.4 million

Making its debut in February, traditionally one of the worst months of the year for movies. Starring a character who was already done poorly in a previous film and an actor who had bombed in his first try as a superhero movie leading man. R-rated, limiting the potential audience.

None of that mattered for Deadpool, which can honestly be described as one of the more pleasant surprises of any genre in the second decade of the 21st century. Forecasts of $80 million to $90 million proved to be laughably low as the Merc With a Mouth rode a record-setting Thursday preview night and excellent reviews and word of mouth to a top 10 superhero movie opening.

Of the lessons learned by Wade Wilson’s romp, the most important one is that marketing matters. Had Fox simply let the movie speak for itself, it would had a nice first weekend. But the studio busted its ass to make sure everyone knew this was going to be a different kind of superhero flick, and that turned out to be a wise decision. Everyone involved should be laughing all the way to the bank.

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