Legends Of Tomorrow: Yep, We Just Saw Another Green Arrow


Note: This article contains mild spoilers for episode 5 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, “Fail-Safe.” While we don’t talk any plot points from the majority of the episode, we will discuss the final scene, so go watch it first or be forewarned!

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Ah, that star-crossed Legends of Tomorrow team. Despite the torture of multiple members and a nuclear explosion, “Fail-Safe” was the first time any mission they’ve taken on has had a reasonably happy ending. In fact everything looked to be in the clear until the Waverider was attacked by Chronos while in-between times and forced to crash-land in a place both familiar and alien at the same time: the Star City of 2046.

After noting that the former Palmer Technologies building now sported the name of Felicity Smoak, both Sara Lance and Ray Palmer were relieved to see an emerald archer. The problem was that it wasn’t Oliver Queen under the hood, and the person holding the bow decided to open fire.

While Stephen Amell has been confirmed to be appearing as an older Oliver Queen, the man with the darker complexion that we saw in “Fail-Safe” was almost certainly the DC TV version of Connor Hawke. In the comics, Connor is Oliver’s son, a role taken in Arrow by a boy named William Clayton.

The comic book Connor is similar to William in that he spends his early life insulated from his father’s career as Green Arrow, but he later takes up the bow himself and succeeds his father during a time when Oliver is dead (he gets better). This Connor looks young enough to be Oliver’s son by the time 2046 rolls around — though not the biological son of Oliver and Felicity, judging by his complexion — but the producers of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow have already stated they will be going a different route on TV.

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He might not have exactly the same name either, but trust us, this is as close as we’re getting to Connor Hawke in the Arrowverse. It’s nice to know he’ll still be part of the Green Arrow legacy, and he’s not even the only character in “Fail-Safe” to be time-shifted from the comics, considering the team runs into Val Vostok in the 80s. The Legends team may have found itself another ally in the fight against Vandal Savage — but only assuming those first few arrows fired at them leave everyone in okay shape!