Batmobile in Action in New Batman v Superman Clip


Check out Batman driving the Batmobile in this new clip from Batman v Superman!

A new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice clip has just found itself online thanks to the “Continental film” YouTube channel, and it is my favorite of the short clips released yet!  Remember the opening from Batman: The Animated Series, where the Batmobile drives through the tunnel out of the Batcave?  Of course you do; it’s one of the most memorable shots of the Batmobile of all time.  Well, Zack Snyder is treating us to a very similar shot with the DC Extended Universe Batmobile.  Watch it below:

In the 10-second clip, which is from Slovakia, Batman jets the car through the tunnel and out the raising door, fire spewing out the back of it and all.  I’m not sure yet that I can call this my favorite live-action Batmobile to date (the Tim Burton one might still have a slight edge), but it seems as though it is put to more epic use than the others have been.  Already, we’ve seen it crush through a wall, collide with the Man of Steel, and speed out of the Batcave.

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It’s unclear how much footage is still to be released between now and March 25, now that we’ve gotten the final trailer.  If more very quick clips like the one above keep coming our way though, that would be the perfect way to keep quenching our thirsts just a little until the film’s premiere.  Let me know in the comments where the DCEU Batmobile ranks on your list of favorite live-action Batmobiles, and keep it locked to Caped Crusades for continuing coverage of Batman v Superman and for all your Batman news!