Power Man And Iron Fist #1 Review: True Bromance


Luke Cage and Danny Rand are the best buddies in superhero comics today. If you accept that statement, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to enjoy Power Man and Iron Fist #1.

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Writer David Walker and artist Sanford Greene give us a reunion that’s born out of circumstance, one that makes sense. A mutual friend needs a favor, and Power Man (despite Luke’s dislike of that name) and Iron Fist are the only ones who can handle it. The fact that it’s not at all as simple as it seems and will certainly force the duo to keep teaming up should comes as no surprise since this is the beginning of a brand new series.

What Walker and Greene hit out of the park right away is the chemistry between these old buddies. They’ve been running in separate circles more often than not for most of the 21st century, save for a relatively short stint as New Avengers teammates, but they feel like people who are true friends in real life, falling back into the same familiar cadences. It’s especially great to see a more light-hearted Danny, as his last two solo volumes were pretty serious. The trials he’s been through haven’t dampened his optimism, which borders on naivete.

At the same time, Walker is able to make Cage and Rand an even odder couple than before by building on how they’ve developed as characters in the interim. Luke has every reason not to want to get sucked back into anything, as he’s a family man now — a point driven home almost to the point of overdoing it by the “fiddle faddle” gags. Danny hasn’t been quite as lucky in his personal life, so it’s totally logical that he’s psyched about Heroes for Hire becoming a thing again.

Greene’s exaggerated, line-heavy renderings may not suit everyone’s taste, but it’s hard not to get sucked in by how expressive everyone is. It’s also worth noting how much detail he packs in even with such a loose style, and his panels are filled with cool things to explore in the backgrounds. Check out the diner scene again for all the evidence you need.

The one small gripe that this writer had about Power Man and Iron Fist #1 is that our heroes seem to be played for chumps by multiple parties a bit too easily. That could certainly change as the rest of the opening arc plays out, but until then, Peaches & Herb feels appropriate, because it really does feel so good to have Luke and Danny reunited.


Three Things to Ponder

  1. Is Luke really trying to convince Jessica Jones that teaming with Danny is a “one-time thing” — or himself?
  2. Luke and Danny know some pretty good lawyers. Was there really nothing else they could have done for Jennie?
  3. How many issues will it be before Luke simply gives up and calls himself Power Man again?

Favorite Moment

Sorry, I’m cheating and picking two.

That’s the reason why Luke is coming up with hilarious substitutions for swear words. Also, maybe Danny should call himself “Iron Abs.”

In the words of the late Chris Farley, brothers gotta hug!