Make Your Own Batarang!


Video shows to make your own flip-open Batarang!

The batarang is one of Batman’s trademarks. No matter what, he never seems to run out of them, and they are his go to weapon against most criminals. And while there are plenty of ways to buy various kinds of batarangs through various stores, making your own working batarang (to fight evil-doers of course) would be pretty cool. But can you just make your own batarang that actually works?

Well Patrick Priebe can. He actually has plenty of experience making homemade versions of fantastic movie gadgets. He previously made a working James Bond laser wristwatch as well as an actual working Iron Man glove (along with many, many other projects you can see on his YouTube channel). Of course, the batarang doesn’t have any fancy laser technology on it, so it’s probably a little simpler than those projects. See the video of this working flip-action batarang in action below:

And yes there is a tutorial on how to do this, but be forewarned, it is no simple job. You’ll need pretty nimble hands and fingers to deal with all the inner-workings as well as being able to cut metal into the shapes of bat wings. But you can see how Patrick Priebe went about making this most famous of Batman gadgets below:

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Obviously we here at Caped Crusades do not recommend you make batarangs to use as weapons on people, but there’s no reason you can’t make a couple of these for uh, decorative purposes like people have swords and such…

h/t CNET