Funko Marvel Collector Corps – February 2016 Deadpool Unboxing


It’s safe to say that Deadpool is pretty much killing it at the box-office (pun intended).  With a first weekend release that blew all movies out of the water, the first solo outing for the Merc with a Mouth is slated to become the hightest grossing R-rated movie of all time.  I don’t think there are enough Deadpool-esque profanities to express every comic book fan’s excitement about those metrics.  Let’s just say Deadpool has staked — with both his katanas — February as his month.  To support this claim, Funko’s Marvel Collector Corps February 2016 box is a celebration of all things Deadpool.

Ah yes, the latest offering in a line of subscription boxes.  Does it set itself apart from the pack?  Is the value proposition compelling?  We’re here to find out via our Funko Marvel Collector Corps – February 2016 Deadpool Unboxing.  So let’s begin …

The Box!

I ventured into the mailroom of my condo complex and found that the postman had placed a parcel key in my mailbox.  Cool!  What sort of treasures await me today?  And it dawned on me: Funko’s February Collector Corps Box!  I quickly opened the lockbox and found a compact brown cardboard box prominently labeled “Deadpool.”  I think when I initially peered in, there was actually a ray of light shining down on it accompanied by a choir of angels singing.

I grab the goods and look around making sure that there were no awaiting muggers trying to ambush me.  This is a Funko box we’re talking about.  You can never be too safe.  We’re talking POTUS-level nuclear football alertness here.  I finally get home and start the ritual of carefully opening this chest of wonders …

As you can see, the box is nicely decorated and is definitely a collector’s piece by itself:

Opening it up, you’ll see a first layer presenting you with a Collector Corps pin and patch:

Flipping out the pin and patch layer, you get the Funko/Marvel branded exclusive T-shirt:

Taking out the T-shirt, we have Deadpool #1 with a variant cover that’s exclusive to Funko’s Collector Corps:

And finally, the meat of everything — you have your Mopeez, Dorbz, and Pop! figures:

When you empty the box, you’ll see that the inside is appropriately decorated with Deadpool comic art.  Very nice touch!  It makes everything feel that much more exclusive:

The Details!

Like a good movie, we’ll start small and build up to a big conclusion.

Collector Corps Deadpool Pin

I really like the quality of the pin.  It’s actually rather thick.  And the fact that it has the words “Marvel” and “Collector Corps” makes it that much more special.  It’s not something you can just pick up a la carte.

Collector Corps Deadpool Patch

Like the pin, the patch is also branded with the words “Marvel” and “Collector Corps.”  The stitching is tight and it’s undeniable that this is Deadpool.  Any fan would be proud to wear this on a jacket or sweatshirt at a convention or in public.  For me, I’m very OCD and I like to keep my collections pristine.  It’s staying in the bag.  I might even buy a large picture frame to display all the pins and patches as the months go by for Collector Corps.

Collector Corps Deadpool #1 Comic Book

I actually have a copy of this issue without the variant cover.  This is something that other subscription boxes should learn: If you’re going to include a comic book, include something that your customer can’t get at a comic book store.  Well done, Funko!

Collector Corps Deadpool T-Shirt (Black Variant)

More from Collectibles

Very cool T-shirt!  Not the fault of Funko, but the sizing is a bit big.  I usually order Large for T-shirts, as is the case here, but this one seems to run a bit big.  My stats?  Look at either Hugh Jackman or Henry Cavill shirtless.  Just kidding.  I’m about 6 feet 1 inches, weighing in at around 185 pounds with a 42 inch chest and 32 inch waist.  Large should fit me fine, but this fits more like Extra Large.  I like my T-shirts to be a bit more form-fitting and tapered for a cleaner look, but that’s just me.  I also noticed that the silk screened label stated the material to be “100% Cotton”, so it might shrink a bit when you put it in the washer and dryer.  Who am I kdding?  Again, my OCD nature won’t let me wear this T-shirt for fear that I might fade out the awesome art.  However, keep those things in mind when you do give a size on Funko’s ordering page.

Collector Corps Deadpool Dorbz

Awesome little guy!  Very humorous little sculpt, especially with his toy horse and cowboy hat.  He’s also winking at you.  You should also notice the “Exclusive Marvel Collector Corps” sticker.  This is a repeating theme in Funko’s subscription boxes — meaning, everything can only be attained via the Collector Corps, and everything you’re getting is officially licensed.

Collector Corps Deadpool Mopeez

This dude is going on top of my monitor.  I’m a writer, so I need all the inspiration I can get.  The whole toy is plush with the body being a more slick vinyl material.  I love the details and stitching in the head.  He also has Deadpool’s signature “extra hood material” hanging out the back of his head.

Collector Corps Deadpool Pop!

And the centerpiece of everything: The Deadpool Pop! Figure.  Deadpool is leaping in the air with his katana out, ready to strike.  I’m keeping him in the box.  Yes, very “40-Year Old Virgin” of me.  That’s the way I collect and that’s the way I roll.  I don’t come to your house and tell you how to bag your comics, which, by the way, I place a 1.5-inch piece of scotch tape at a 45 to 70-degree angle so that I can open it easily when the need arises.  If you don’t do that, then you’re an amateur!

Is It Worth It?

Does Deadpool like chimichangas?  Hell freakin’ yes!  First off, these are exclusive items.  Funko definitely emphasizes quality over quantity.  Unlike other subscription boxes which use filler items and things that look like they were bought from a government surplus auction, Funko’s pieces seem carefully selected and one-of-a-kind.  If you don’t believe me, go check out their past boxes on their site.  Or look at the myriad of YouTube unboxings for past Collector Corps boxes.  All of the items they provide are quality items any collector will be proud to show off.

Another thing that I like about Funko’s offering is that you know what you’re getting, and there’s also consistency.  As a collector, I like to know that I’ll be getting at least a Pop! figure, pin, and patch every two months.  This helps me in terms of planning how I want to arrange my gallery of memorabilia.  Nothing is worse than having a hodgepodge of miscellaneous items that have no real theme to them.  For example, in my detailed breakdown of the pin and patch, I mentioned that I may have to get a picture frame for future pins and patches.  This allows me to look forward to completing a set of items.

I do believe Funko’s claim that for $25 + Shipping and Handling Charges, you’re receiving at least $50 worth of goods.  Although it’ll be very difficult to price these individual items out (because you can’t get them a la carte or anywhere else), we can still make an educated guess based on related items found elsewhere:

  • Collector Corps Deadpool Pin: $4.00 – $5.00
  • Collector Corps Deadpool Patch: $4.00 – $7.00
  • Collector Corps Deadpool #1 Comic Book: $4.99
  • Collector Corps Deadpool T-Shirt: $15.00 – $25.00
  • Collector Corps Deadpool Dorbz: $10.00 – $15.00
  • Collector Corps Deadpool Mopeez: $10.00 – $20.00
  • Collector Corps Deadpool Pop!: $15.00 – $20.00

Just using the low-end of the pricing, all individual items added up would be $62.99.  On top of that, these items are probably being sold on eBay for a much higher price-point due to their exclusivity.  So yes, you are getting your money’s worth here!

Final Round-Up


  • Beautiful presentation!
  • Well-packaged.  I’ve read other older posts where people have complained about merchandise boxes being damaged, but that wasn’t the case here.  Funko seems to have solved those problems and moved on from their initial woes.
  • Each item is high quality.
  • Every item is officially branded and exclusive.
  • Not just a theme, but a consistent thread among the type of items (e.g. there will always be a Pop! figure, pin, and patch).


  • The delivery box is a very nice piece.  It would be great if they could provide a protective box when it ships.  But I do understand that, to Funko, the box we see is the “protective” box for the items inside.
  • The T-shirt sizing runs a bit large.  But then again, I do like to wear my clothes a little more form-fitted.

Funko’s Marvel Collector Corps February 2016 Deadpool Box provides a great value to collectors.  And their claim of being exclusive and having a value of at least $50 is definitely true.  I would advise anybody who’s a fan of either Marvel or Funko to take a close look at this offering.  If you want things that are unique, semi-difficult to get, but at a very reasonable price, consider getting a subscription to the Collector Corps!

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Disclosure: Bam Smack Pow was provided with a free February 2016 Collector Corps box for the purposes of this review.