Gotham Stories Chapter 4 Online


Watch chapter 4 of Gotham Stories right here!

The return of Gotham is still a week away but in the meantime we have the latest chapter of the motion comic tie-in Gotham Stories for you to check out! When we last left our intrepid evildoers, Penguin seems to have succesfully outrun Mr. Freeze with the help of Selina Kyle. Of course, Mr. Freeze isn’t going to give up chasing Penguin just like that.

In chapter 4 of Gotham Stories, Penguin seeks help from the closest things to friends he has left,  GCPD detectives James Gordon & Harvey Bullock. In case you can’t guess, that doesn’t go very well:

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Well, there ‘s only one episode of Gotham Stories left, but still plenty  of unanswered questions. I’m very surprised Gordon didn’t tell Bullock he’s the one who actually killed Theo Galavan, Gordon knows pretty much every dirty secret Bullock has. But will Mr. Freeze assault the GCPD just to get at Penguin? And of course the big question is how much this ties into the mid-season premiere. Will Penguin be sitting in a jail cell in the first episode, terrified that Mr. Freeze is hot on his trail and will find him soon? How will Gordon defeat such a powerful foe (probably not with chicken soup-that’s a Batman The Animated Series reference)? In just one week I guess we will find out with not only the final chapter of Gotham Stories but the return of Gotham proper on Fox February 29th!