Rebirth To Have Very Controversial Scene


DC Comics Rebirth that is totally not a reboot promises to have a very controversial scene

Rebirth is the new, uh thing that is happening with the entire DC Comics line. Everyone at DC swears it’s not a reboot, despite talking about embracing legacies, ending nearly every single title and starting over at number one, ending some titles entirely and starting some brand new ones, making lots of changes. But it is totally not a reboot!

Whether you classify it as a reboot or not, like any big comics universe change, Rebirth is bound to be controversial. But what sets Rebirth apart from previous events is that it might be the most controversial one to date.

This is what DC Comics, co-publisher Dan DiDio claims. He claims Rebirth is all about legacies and DC getting back to greatness. He also claims it contains the most controversial scene in the entire time he has been at DC (which is roughly 14 years, so he’s been there awhile now). We won’t know more details until this year’s Wondercon.

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Well, I’m all for something drastic that shakes things up, but this is definitely a see where they are going with it situation. Controversy is fine, as long as there is a good reason behind it. Controversy for the sake of controversy never turns out good because its merely done for shock value and not well thought out. Especially in comics, where things get reset at the drop of hat. What could be considered the most controversial scene in the last nearly 14 years? Give us your theories in the comments!