Gotham: Meet Dr. Hugo Strange


Meet the new head of Arkham Asylum in this new Gotham featurette!

We have already met Gotham’s newest villainous inhabitant, Dr. Hugo Strange in some manner. Actor B.D. Wong, who is playing the role of Strange on Gotham, has been teasing the role on Twitter since last year, and we even recently saw a clip where Strange was having a session with none other than former “king” of Gotham, the Penguin.

But this new featurette is all about Dr. Hugo Strange and it shows how his bedside manner and treatment methods might leave something to be desired. It also makes it very clear (in case you didn’t already know) that there is a direct connection between Arkham Asylum and the mysterious Indian Hill facility, check out the clip below:

B.D. Wong is probably best known for his role as a criminal profiler on Law and Order: SVU for well over a decade, so being a therapist dealing with mentally unstable criminals isn’t exactly a stretch for him. However, this time he is playing an EVIL therapist dealing with mentally unstable criminals while secretly running an experimental facility, so there’s some added layers there. At any rate, it certainly seems like Wong has the part of Strange down and is having some fun with it. How did Penguin end up in Arkham? What relationship will develop between him and Strange? What is Strange’s ultimate goal? Find out all this and more when Gotham finally returns this Monday, February 29th on Fox!