Gotham: Morena Baccarin Talks Jim & Leslie


Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins relationship will be tested when Gotham returns

Jim Gordon and Leslie Thompkins have had their relationship tested many times already in less than two full seasons of Gotham. I mean, being terrorized by Jim’s psycho ex-fiance Barbara Keane was bad enough, but Gordon has also been slipping into a dark path he can’t seem to really navigate out of. However, Leslie has stayed by his side, is pregnant with his child, and they are engaged, so bright times ahead right? If you think that, you obviously haven’t been keeping up with the show.

In these clips below, actress Morena Baccarin, who plays Leslie Thompkins on Gotham, talks about the challenges Leslie & Jim will face in the second half of season two:

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Leslie & Jim’s relationship has been through quite a bit, as I’ve said. Jim hasn’t really kept anything from her, but does she know that he killed Theo Galavan in cold blood? And Baccarin stated that at some point, Leslie just has to let Jim do what he’s going to do. Will their relationship survive through the season? Honestly given that Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin are having a kid and engaged in real life, I’d expect Leslie to stick around for the long term. She may not stay at GCPD forever though (she has to become Bruce Wayne’s personal physician at some point, right?). Find out exactly what challenges Jim & Leslie’s relationship will face by tuning in this Monday, February 29th when Gotham returns on Fox!