Arrow-Supergirl Crossover Just Fine With Stephen Amell


To say that DC TV fans are looking forward to the upcoming episode of Supergirl that brings the Flash himself, Barry Allen, to National City. According to everything that’s been announced so far, it’s a one-shot deal for this season. If it’s a success, though, it’s logical to think it could happen again, which leads us to a follow-up question: How about an Arrow-Supergirl crossover?

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That pairing might not have made much sense had Supergirl been around prior to the 2015-16 TV season. In its first three seasons, Arrow was a show that put Oliver Queen in a setting that had no metahumans and few fantastical elements outside of the mystique around the League of Assassins.

The same can’t be said after The Flash arrived, introducing a dizzying amount of superhero and sci-fi elements to the Arrowverse in a relatively brief period of time. All of a sudden, a meeting between the Emerald Archer and the Girl of Steel doesn’t seem so crazy, which is why it wasn’t surprising that IGN asked Arrow‘s Stephen Amell about that possibility in a recent interview.

Amell is known to be up for just about anything where Green Arrow is concerned, and his enthusiasm for the Arrow-Supergirl crossover idea was more of the same.

"Sure! In this iteration of the DC Universe, the “Television Universe” as it were, I’m the guy that’s been around the longest, so I always feel — whether I’m on a show or I’m not on a show — I always feel as though I can in some way, shape or form represent them, and I always want them to be wildly successful and last for many more years than we end up lasting, because I just want to see people have success. So I would love to go over to Supergirl. That would be a blast, if for no other reason than I miss shooting in Los Angeles."

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If this ends up happening, a request for the writers: Please include John Diggle. If he gets freaked out by seeing Barry run off at super-speed, just imagine how much fun his reaction will be when he sees Kara in action!