Batmobile Coming To Rocket League!


Drive the Batmobile in Rocket League!

Rocket League was easily the out of nowhere surprise of 2015 for gamers, offering hours upon hours of incredible fun trying to drive cars in order to get balls in goals. It’s actually pretty hard to describe how awesome this game is you simply need to play, which millions already have on PS4 & PC, and it just recently came to the Xbox One.

One of the most fun features of Rocket League is driving around some cool unique cars on the field, and Batman v Superman is getting in on some of that Rocket League action! The Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justie will be available for all versions on Rocket League starting March 8th at the fairly reasonable price of $1.99. The Batmobile doesn’t have any gadgets or give you any special advantages, it’s just a skin, but that helps keeping Rocket League from getting unbalanced and having payers pay for an advantage on the field (though being able to use oil slicks and smokebombs would be pretty cool). Check out a video of the Batmobile in action in Rocket League below!

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Sadly, I haven’t played nearly as much Rocket League as I would’ve liked to, not only do my duties on this site keep me pretty busy, but I’ve got a backlog of massive RPGs a mile long. Maybe I’ll somehow find a couple hours to drive around the Batmobile though. Once again, the Batmobile DLC is out March 8th and Rocket League is available on Ps4, PC & Xbox One right now.