Legends Of Tomorrow: Connor Hawke Identity Revealed


Note: This article contains spoilers for this week’s new episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, “Star City 2046.” Please watch the episode first if you don’t want to have a fairly sizable reveal given away before you see it live.

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Star City might not always be the nicest place to live on Arrow, but at least in 2016, Oliver Queen and his friends win more often than they lose. As we learned on Legends of Tomorrow, if Rip Hunter and his merry band aren’t successful in their mission to change the future, that isn’t going to be the case by the time the calendar flips to 2046.

“Star City 2046” presented a possible future where Oliver’s quest to save his city was a failure. His friends and loved ones were gone — most dead, others leaving for somewhere better. Yet even with a new Deathstroke and his thugs ascendant, someone else had taken up the bow and hood of Green Arrow.

That someone was Connor Hawke, the name given to Oliver’s son in the comics, though not his son on TV. That said, the Legends of Tomorrow writers managed to figure out a sweet way to give a nod to family legacy anyway. One final spoiler warning here …

Though he didn’t like being called by his real name, Oliver revealed to Sara Lance and her teammates that Connor was actually John Diggle Jr. Arrow fans on the internet seemed to enjoy that twist, as well as the literal passing of the bow that took place from Oliver to John/Connor after they both helped to defeat Deathstroke — himself a legacy villain, since he turned out to be Grant Wilson, son of Slade.

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At the very end of “Star City 2046,” Connor and Oliver bid Sara farewell and began the hard work of restoring order to Star City. It’s nice to know that even without the Diggle we know and love beside him, Ollie will have someone he trusts watching his back.