Legends Of Tomorrow Season 1, Episode 6 Recap And Review: Star City 2046


“Star City 2046” — The sixth episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow gave us some exciting scenes and great character development with Leonard Snart, but Rip’s end-of-episode speeches are growing rather tiresome.  However, it was still a great episode because we got to see an older grizzled Green Arrow.

Legendary Recap: Picking up right where we left off last week.  The team arrives to an apocalyptic Star City in 2046.  They run into an archer who they first mistaken to be Oliver Queen.  He goes on the offensive, making the Legends retreat back to the Waverider.

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In order to repair the Waverider, they need a neuromorphic cortex for Gideon’s computer.  Ray mentions that Palmer Technologies was working on one.  He suspects that they should have a prototype in 2046.  The team’s goal is to break into Smoake Technologies and retrieve the prototype.  Leonard and Mick, with their “special skills”, are recruited to help.  Sara forces her way into the away team after much protest from Rip due to Sara’s emotional ties to Star City.  The rest of the team will stay and make mechanical repairs to the Waverider.

As Ray and Kendra fix the ship, their flirtatious conversation is overheard by Martin and Jax.  Martin suddenly loses his temper and discovers that this is due to his connection with Jax.  It’s Jax who’s frustrated because he has feelings towards Kendra.  Jax tells Martin that he has no chance with Kendra, but Martin disagrees.  Martin tells Jax that it all has to do with confidence.

In the city, Sara, Rip, Leonard, and Mick take cover from a sudden explosion.  Sara sees the archer and runs out to find him.  Exiting their cover, Leonard and Mick are confronted by a gang.  After some blows are traded, Mick kills the leader and quickly takes over the gang.  Reluctantly, Leonard goes along with Mick.

Sara finally catches up to the archer, who tells her that Oliver Queen is dead.  To Sara’s surprise, Deathstroke appears with his army.  Unmsking himself, Deathstroke is revealed to be Grant Wilson — the son of Slade Wilson.  Grant and his army start to close in on Sara and Rip.  The quick thinking archer saves Sara and Rip by repelling them out of the area.

Back on the ship, Jax approaches Kendra and hits it off with her.  Martin, trying to help Jax, talks to Ray about Kendra.  Ray never had feelings for her and is oblivious to any idea of dating her.  Martin reinforces the fact that the team should not date each other due to the nature of their mission.

Mick parties with his new gang.  A frustrated Leonard talks to Mick about getting back to Rip and Sara, but Mick has other ideas — like staying in this apocalyptic world because it’s run by criminals.

The archer tells Sara and Rip that Smoak Technologies has been cleared out years ago.  He brings them to where Felicity may have store her technology — Oliver’s old lair.  Sara is surprised by the dilapidated condition of Oliver’s hideout.  As they search the place, they have a surprise encounter with an elderly armless Oliver who has given up on life.  It’s revealed that the mysterious archer is actually John Diggle’s son, John Diggle Jr., who now goes by the name Connor Hawke.  He alone has been trying to hold the city together.  Oliver, defeated and without hope, gives them the location and code to Felicity’s tech and tells them to leave.

Jax finds Martin and thanks him for his advice.  As Jax leaves, Ray also finds Martin.  However, because of Martin’s meddling, Ray is now interested in Kendra.

Mick’s celebrations are interrupted when Grant enters the bar with his gang.  He makes an announcement and puts a bounty on the Green Arrow, Rip, and Sara.  Leonard is now adamant in getting back to Rip and Sara in time.  He also goes as far as calling them his friends.  Mick doesn’t like to take orders and becomes confrontational.  Leonard proposes a temporary cease fire where they will discuss this after they rescue the team.

Rip and Sara find the neuromorphic prototype in a warehouse.  However, Grant and his gang close in on them.  Leonard and Mick arrive just in time to help, but Connor is kidnapped by the gang. Sara wants to go after Connor, but Rip refuses, telling her that the mission is more important.  Mick confronts Leonard about not wanting the same things.  Leonard, seeing that Mick is becoming unreasonable, knocks him out.

Back on board the Waverider, Sara tells Rip that they have to back and rescue Connor.  Rip thinks that it’s a waste of time to save someone from a future that may never happen.  Sara, angered, calls out Rip’s flawed logic — his own family is also part of a timeline that may not exist if they succeed.

Mick awakens in one of the ship’s holding cells.  Leonard admits to Mick that he wants to save the world, and that he’s looking forward to their new reputation if they’re able to take out Vandal Savage.  As Leonard leaves, Mick gives him a warning.

Sara returns to Oliver’s lair and tells him about Connor’s kidnapping.  She finally hands him his bow and tells him that this city will always need a Green Arrow.

On the Waverider, Rip is growing inpatient and wants to leave without Sara.  Martin tells Rip that the world is not worth saving if they’re going to make the same immoral decisions as Vandal.  Gideon reports that if they stay any longer, they risk the chance of being detected.  In addition, she tells the team that Connor will be executed by Grant.

In an area in the city, Grant prepares Connor’s execution which is to be a beheading.  Sara is suddenly brought to Grant by one of his men.  Unknown to Grant, this was all a distraction.  Oliver, in the distance, appears as the Green Arrow.  A battle ensues with the Legends arriving to help.

Connor is temporarily overpowered, but Oliver steps in and fights Grant.  When Oliver is about to be bested, Connor restrains Grant with one of his special arrows.

Returning to the lair, Oliver vows that he will return to being the Green Arrow and fix everything.

Back on board the Waverider, Jax is about to talk to Kendra, but is beaten to the punch by Ray.  Jax overhears their conversation where Ray is turned down by Kendra.  As Ray exits, he sees Jax pretending to fix something.  Ray knows that Jax heard him.  The two have a friendly chat and agree that Kendra is preoccupied with other matters.

Rip talks to Sara and apologizes for what he said to her in regards to helping Star City.  He admits that he still has many things to learn and wants reassurance that she’ll be part of the team.

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Legendary Moment(s): An older Green Arrow coming back to action with the Legends backing him up.

Thoughts for Tomorrow: Why isn’t Connor Hawke Oliver Queen’s son?  There was no reason to have a John Diggle, Jr.  And having him take the “Connor Hawke” name out of the blue makes little sense.