March Loot Crate Theme Is Versus, Includes Batman V Superman


The March Loot Crate theme is all about head-to-head confrontations of the most titanic kinds. Celebrating some iconic match-ups around pop culture — including two that are very timely given superhero-related projects releasing that month — the theme is VERSUS.

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Loot Crate announced the theme and what some of the items inside the March crate will showcase. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of them. So is Daredevil, and specifically the showdowns he’s had with the Punisher in comics and the one he’s about to experience in Season 2 of his Netflix series. Alien vs. Predator and Harley Quinn will also make appearances.

The company also came up with a cool way to visualize one of these battles. As you can see below, it’s a unique 360-degree fan video made to simulate Colonial Marines from the Alien franchise going up against a Predator.

The takeaway? Don’t bring a knife to a Predator fight.

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To get in on the VERSUS crate, head to and sign up for a subscription plan by March 19 at 9 pm Pacfiic time.