Ultimate Batman v Superman Ticket Gives Unlimited Viewings


How many times are you going to see Batman v Superman?

Batman v Superman could have the biggest opening weekend of all time, but we all know these movies really depend on repeat viewings by fans to have strong legs and and overall big box office. So if you are planning on seeing DC’s two biggest heroes duke it out multiple times, you may want to consider the BvS Ultimate Ticket being offered by Regal Cinemas.

The BvS Ultimate Ticket will entitle you to see Batman v Superman once a day, at any Regal Cinema, in any available format, for $100. That is a lot of money, but movie tickets, especially for formats such as 3D and Imax, aren’t particularly cheap either, so if you really love Batman v Superman, this ticket could easily end up saving you lots of money! The ticket itself is also a collectible item, and will net you 10,000 credits toward your loyalty account if you are a Regal Crown Club Member. Regal is only offering 1,000 of these BvS Ultimate tickets, being sold the same day Batman v Superman tickets go on sale, this Monday, February 29th.

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In all honesty, this sounds like a terrible deal. Batman v Superman isn’t out for a month, and you might have to decide weeks ahead of time if you are going to like this movie enough to see it at least several times in theaters, if not more. Admittedly, I almost never see a movie more than once in theaters, so maybe I just cannot see the value in something like this, but even if Batman v Superman is the greatest superhero movie of all time, I can’t imagine spending anywhere close to $100 seeing it multiple times in theaters. Would you be willing to pay $100 in advance for a movie you haven’t seen yet? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

h/t Comicbook.com