Batman Reacts to Deadpool


Batman thinks maybe his film should be a little edgier

Deadpool has smashed a ton of expectations, from what a comic book movie can be to what an R-rated movie can do to what a $60 million dollar movie can accomplish. And of course this has everybody in Hollywood right now completely re-examining their plans for future films (and taking all the wrong lessons probably). Even Batman.

Now granted, we still don’t have official confirmation a solo Batman film is even actually in the works, but odds are it is happening. And in this hilarious video, The Warp Zone tells EXACTLY why just because Deadpool had nudity, swearing and excessive violence, it doesn’t mean every superhero film should follow that same formula:

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That’s the lesson here kids. Deadpool works as an R-rated film BECAUSE IT’S DEADPOOL. He’s actually not a superhero. Doesn’t mean he won’t occasionally save the day, or even innocent civilians, but he’ not someone who is trying to make a city or the world at large a better place, which is exactly what Superman and Batman do or at least should be doing. And as much as I am not a fan of Zack Snyder, I think he and everybody at Warner Bros. is well aware of this. So you won’t see Batman slitting throats and Superman frying enemies to a crisp.  Could it happen for Suicide Squad and work? Quite possibly, but not Batman, Superman or anybody else who is on the Justice League.