Batman v Superman: Who Is Playing Doomsday?


Doomsday may have a voice in Batman v Superman

Doomsday is definitely in Batman v Superman. He may not be the final enemy, but he’s certainly one of the big ones. But is he just a CG effect, or is there a little more to him.

Voice actor Robin Atkin Downes, who has voiced roles in a ton of superhero cartoon shows and animated movies put out a rather vague tweet that implies he worked on Batman v Superman, specifically doing something with Doomsday.

Now there’s a pretty simple A to B here, Atkins is a voice actor, so he most likely provided the voice for what looks like the primary villain in Batman v Superman. But my question is, what kind of voice acting did Atkins provide? Was it merely convincing grunts and growls, or does Doomsday have some intellect, and actually have some lines in the film? Also did Downes merely voice Doomsday, or did he perform some motion capture as well?

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Because the easy thing would be to portray Doomsday as a mindless wrecking machine, which he admittedly started out as. But at least as it appears in the trailers we’ve seen thus far for Batman v Superman, this Doomsday is not the same one we’ve seen in the comics (which is fine, that Doomsday has a long and complicated history that would be hard to convey in a movie like this), so he could be far more intelligent. We’ll find out when Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.

h/t Heroic Hollywood