15 Box Office Records For Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice To Break

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2. Top Grossing Superman Films

Current Domestic Rankings

(Adjusted for Inflation)

  1. Superman (1978) – $499,015,700

  2. Superman II (1981) – $338,566,800
  3. Man of Steel (2013) – $302,159,400
  4. Superman Returns (2006) – $265,756,700
  5. Superman III (1983) – $165,577,900
  6. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) – $34,891,300

In the grand scheme of things, there aren’t that many Superman films.  So ranking them with an adjusted inflation rate for the purposes of keeping the more recent films balanced with the older ones is only fair.  These are also domestic totals because Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) didn’t see a release outside of North America.

Taking the top spot, after the adjustment, is a film that doesn’t surprise anyone — the Richard Donner / Christopher Reeve Superman (1978).  My favorite movie of all time and a gold-standard by which most comic book adaptations are held to.  If Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice beats this film’s numbers, it will be the new highest earning Superman movie of all time.

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