Arrow: Set Pics Might Hold Clues To That Funeral Scene


Note: This article contains potential spoilers for the remainder of Arrow Season 4, albeit ones that are built solely on conjecture. We felt it was only right to throw a warning in here just in case.

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In our Arrow Season 4 recaps here on Bam Smack Pow, we have a recurring feature called #GraveWatch. It’s a bit morbid to continually obsess over who might be in the grave of the funeral scene teased during the season premiere, but because of the way this particular subplot has been structured, it’s also natural for fans to go back and forth over exactly who’s being laid to rest.

Some detective work on social media by Spoiler TV may have eliminated some of the possible candidates to be in the coffin. Thanks to Instagram and Tumblr, pics have been floating around of a number of cast members, making it unlikely that any of them are the victim.

Here’s a place one last possible spoiler warning seems appropriate …

Pics have shown the actors who play John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen, Laurel Lance, Quentin Lance, Dinah Lance and Nyssa al Ghul all on set and almost all of them dressed as if they were attending a funeral. Also in the images is Madison McLaughlin, whose character is unknown for now as she’s yet to make her Arrow debut, though most outlets expect her to be playing Rebecca, a girl who escapes from a cult.

So does that rule all of those characters out from an unfortunate demise? Not necessarily. Comic Book Resources reminds us that any of them could be there just to watch the shoot, or this could be a dream sequence or another funeral altogether.

That said, especially with the way most of them are dressed, it makes it much less likely that any of these characters are getting killed off. We also already know it won’t be Oliver Queen or Felicity in the grave thanks to additional flash-forward scenes. That leaves us with William Clayton, Oliver’s son, as the most likely possibility, which is something we’ve thought on this site for at least a few weeks now.

If there is a swerve here, it’s interesting to note that Paul Blackthorne, who plays Quentin Lance, is seen both with and without hair. No clue what that might mean, but it’s something to file away.

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Unfortunately, we’ll have a bit of a wait to find out for sure. Arrow doesn’t return with its next new episode until Wednesday, March 23.