DC Comics Deck Building Game Gets Crisis Expansion Pack 3


Fans of DC Comics already know that one good Crisis deserves another. That’s proven to be the case for Cryptozoic Entertainment’s DC Comics Deck Building Game as well, with Crisis Expansion Packs 1 and 2 both selling well. The only logical follow-up is Crisis Expansion Pack 3, which will hit retailers on March 2.

Fully compatible with all previous standalone releases of DC Comics Deck Building Game (meaning the base game, Heroes Unite, Forever Evil or Teen Titans), Crisis Pack 3 offers more customization than ever thanks to two unique co-op modes. One is a normal cooperative affair, while the other features the Suicide Squad and gives all players different objectives with the possibility that one of them might be working against everyone else.

Crisis Expansion Pack 3 also features eight oversized villains, including Lex Luthor, Sinestro and Bane. Plus there are six oversized playable super-villains and 14 “Impossible Mode” super-villains from the Crime Syndicate.

All told, it’s a nice dose of new content to spice up your DC Comics Deck Building Game, which is exactly what you’d expect from anything with the word “Crisis” in it. Look for Crisis Expansion Pack 3 later this week at your local hobby shop or at Cryptozoic.com.