Marvel Wants You To Vote Loki This June


Feel like Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the others running for president aren’t telling enough of the truth? How about we ratchet that philosophy up to its logical extreme with someone who really is the Prince of Lies?

Say, someone like … Loki.

Marvel released an interesting promo for its new Loki series, which is apparently coming in June. It’s got the style of a presidential campaign sign and makes prominent use of the #Loki2016 hashtag.

There’s also this, which looks like the cover to Loki #1.

Or maybe the new series is really called Vote Loki. I’m pretty sure you can’t run for King of Asgard/Asgardia, so maybe he’s going to throw his horned hat into the ring in politics on Earth. Odin help us all.

While we ponder what all of this means, you can participate in the Marvel Universe caucus on Twitter by answering one simple question: Would you vote for Loki? As I write this, 55 percent of the 1,600-plus voters have said yes.

Move over Trump and Hillary, we guess.