Batman v Superman: Superman Makes Batman Question His Mission


Superman Makes Batman Question His Worth In Batman v Superman

Superman is the ultimate super hero. He’s strong, he’s fast, he’s nearly invincible. He may make even the most capable human superheroes feel somewhat irrelevant by comparison, and that is exactly the kind of existential crisis Batman is facing in Batman v Superman.

Ben Affleck, who is playing Batman in Batman v Superman, explained in an interview that the appearance of Superman in Batman v Superman question his mission:

"He’s confronted with a question of what is the point of his mission when he has to face the fact that there is a Superman alive in the world. The philanthropist playboy as another way to feed the hole that he feels of emptiness inside him, just as much as going out and fighting bad guys at night."

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You know, it’s statements like this that really make me worry about this film. Batman has existential crises about his superhero gig at the drop of a hat, that’s totally fine. But specifically questioning if anything he is doing matters after the appearance of Superman, and then deciding that hey, I need to destroy Superman cause he might be dangerous or something makes Batman’s motivations seem super shady and petty.  Especially with these various prequel comics we’ve seen that paint Batman as someone who thinks Superman isn’t a “professional” superhero because he didn’t “earn it” or whatever. If this isn’t handled correctly in Batman v Superman, it will literally look like Batman wants to take Superman out because he’s doing too good a job and overshadowing Batman. Let’s really hope that is not how it looks. Batman v Superman opens March 25th.