Ben Affleck Gives Fans A Ride In Batmobile


Ben Affleck tries to convince fans that Batman can totally beat Superman

We’ll find out who the winner is in Batman v Superman when the movie comes out in just a few weeks (justice people, the winner is justice!). But if you ask most people, they are pretty sure Superman would win this epic battle of the World’s Finest, even in the presence of Batman himself, Ben Affleck.

As part of promoting the Ultimate Batman v Superman Experience, which is a contest you can enter via tiered donations to help several worthy causes, Ben Affleck hid inside the Batmobile on the WB Studio Tour to surprise passers by. Each group is asked if they think Batman or Superman will win (this is before they see Ben Affleck though). You can see this and Affleck driving around the Batmobile in the video below, but you can probably guess their answer:

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Yes, Batman will always beat Superman in the “cool cars” department. Of course, this is just all in good fun to promote a very worthy cause. Donating for a chance to win the Ultimate Batman v Superman Experience not only gets you the opportunity to attend the premiere of Batman v  Superman, ride the Batmobile with Ben Affleck, fly in a helicopter with Henry Cavill and photobomb the red carpet with Jesse Eisenberg. It also gives you the chance to help out three very worthy causes. So donate for charity and a chance at a once in a lifetime opportunity, and do it soon because time is running out! Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.

h/t MovieWeb