First REAL Batman v Superman Review


Anthony Breznican of Entertainment has seen Batman v Superman, and gives some thoughts

Batman v Superman reviews may start popping up pretty shortly here and there, but Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican was among the first of the press to see the finished product, and he has some interesting and possibly divisive thoughts.

Granted, this is some bullet points rather than a full review, but it actually should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from Batman v Superman and whether it is something you will want to  check out.

Breznican states that personally, he was happy with what he saw, but lays it out pretty succinctly. If you liked Man Of Steel, Batman v Superman will be right up your alley. If you weren’t a fan, well this probably is not going to be a movie you enjoy. He also specifically mentioned Wonder Woman, saying she was “fearsome”.

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Well, it sounds like I probably won’t enjoy Batman v Superman then, to be quite honest. I think Man of Steel is objectively a bad film. Beyond just the joyless tone and the ending, along with the just ridiculous amount of destruction I just felt is was poorly paced. I even re-watched Man of Steel a few weeks ago because I hadn’t seen it since it’s theatrical release, and that just reinforced my initial feelings.  So if you are of the crowd that enjoyed Man of Steel, this sounds like more of what you want.  But it doesn’t sound like I’ll be having a good time in the movie theater on March 25th.