Jena Malone Cut From Batman v Superman


Jena Malone won’t be in the theatrical version of Batman v Superman

For all the rumors and reports, we still don’t know who Jena Malone is playing in Batman v Superman. She could be Barbara Gordon. She could be Carrie Kelley. She could be waitress #3. But one thing is for sure, we won’t see her on the big screen opening weekend, as she has officially been cut from the theatrical release of Batman v Superman.

This comes from a big new report from Entertainment Weekly all about Batman v Superman, which doesn’t say whether or not Malone’s character will make it into the home video R-rated director’s cut version, but doesn’t say she isn’t in it either.

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So what does this mean as far as clues to Jena Malone’s mystery role? How could she possibly be Barbara Gordon if she’s cut of the theatrical release? Well, that explanation is actually pretty simple. She wasn’t key to the story. She was probably barely in the movie to begin with, one or two scenes, and just had to be cut for time. If she is Batgirl, that would be a great fan moment that Batgirl is in this new DC cinematic universe, but if you need to trim a movie already running two and a half hours long, you cut everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. We’ll hopefully get the answer to who Jena Malone is in the director’s cut of Batman v Superman, but we certainly won’t be finding out the weekend of March 25th.