What Might Agent Carter Be In Season 3?


With the Season 2 finale of Marvel’s Agent Carter, everything seemed wrapped up in a neat little package. You know, minus that post-credits stinger of Jack Thompson getting murdered for the fake (“fake?”) file on Agent Carter. And we’re not sure if a Season 3 will be ordered or not, what with low ratings and Hayley Atwell at the helm of another ABC show next season.

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But what might a Season 3 of Agent Carter hold for us? I’m here to brainstorm various ideas and plots that we could have next winter.

From the Hollywood ending of Peggy and Sousa finally kissing and Peggy “taking more vacation,” it’s fairly obvious that she will end up staying on the West Coast. Her relationship with the Jarvises has grown even closer throughout this season, and Howard’s always a riot and actually respects her, so why would she give up any of that to go back to a New York that only holds memories of Steve Rogers and being belittled at work?

Keeping her on the West Coast would keep the Hollywood glam an essential theme of the show, which worked so well for this second season. Plus, she’s working with Hank Pym in the 1980s, so the West Coast seems to call to her. Keep it in California, have her try a taco truck with Jarvis. It’ll be great.

One dangling mystery the writers teased us with revolves around the Arena Club lapel pin — the one Dottie Underwood was after in the first episode. In the season finale, Thompson discovers that it’s a key. But to what?

Well, it wouldn’t be too much of a jump to conclude that the Council Whitney Frost wanted to control was some sort of faction or offshoot of Hydra. Though it was never alluded to or even winked at, guys who set up assassinations of presidents have to be a part of something bigger. Or at least garner some attention to have some associate groups.

So let’s assume it’s Hydra. Sure, every member of the Council is dead (or locked in an asylum talking to windows), but cut off one head, two more grow back. Those lapel pins are desperately wanted by Dottie Underwood; there’s something to them.

What if they are keys to a hidden safe deposit box that contains further instructions on an even more hidden location of one of the Red Skull’s bunkers? You know, the same ones from Agents of SHIELD that just so happened to hold a shard of the Monolith that transported Simmons to the other world and brought back Grant Ward even crazier than ever.

Watching Agent Carter track down whatever it leads to, only to discover Hydra might send her reeling, on a witch hunt for anything and everything. It would make her feel like Steve died in vain if any part of Hydra remains, and she would spend every waking moment trying to quash it. And hey — it would give us an attempt at that Chris Evans cameo I’ve always wanted.

It’s the relationships that make Agent Carter what it is, and it would be interesting to see the show take a route that draws Peggy back into something relating to Captain America now that she’s found a new love. Thompson always harped on Sousa in Season 1 for not being able to compare to the Star-Spangled Man with a Plan; how would it affect his relationship with her now if she has to start hunting down Hydra leads?

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Again, another season is far, far, far from a guarantee, but we can all hope and dream that it happens. Plus who doesn’t need more 1940s music in their daily television-watching? Fingers crossed for Agent Carter season three!