Young Justice Season 3: Dan DiDio Chimes In On Petition


Young Justice has again been getting a lot of attention.  The voice-actors of the critically acclaimed animated series suggested that if fans want to see a Season 3, they should make it known to Netflix.  Danica McKellar, who voiced fan-favorite Miss. Martian, later got on Twitter and made a direct call-to-action.  In short, if you want to see a Season 3 — or more — you should binge watch Season 2, which was just made available via the streaming giant.  If Netflix sees its popularity in real numbers, it may co-produce it with Warner Bros. Animation.

Today, during a virtual DC Comics panel via the In-Store Convention Kickoff, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio chimed in with his thoughts on this fan-driven movement.

"On the publishing side, there’s a lot of interest, but I know there’s a lot of exciting initiatives on the animation side … One thing I’ve learned in my years doing this, nothing ever rests forever. The voice of the people is becoming louder and listened to more often, which is a good thing."

It’s definitely not a confirmation, but it does sound positive and motivating.  So to all the fans out there: Don’t rest.  Keep streaming Young Justice Season 2 like crazy.  And also, don’t forget to directly tweet to Netflix your desire for a Season 3 with #KeepBingingYJ.

Young Justice was a DC Universe adaptation that focused on younger characters — Superboy, Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Miss Martian, and Speedy.  Though bearing the same name as the Peter David, Todd Dezago, and Todd Nauck comic book series, it was not a direct adaptation.  The teenage superheroes formed a covert group known as The Team — a younger counterpart to the more famous and mature Justice League.  Audiences praised the series’ hallmark of complex stories and well-developed characters.