Gotham: Clips From A Dead Man Feels No Cold!


New Clips from this Monday’s episode of Gotham!

Gotham is now back in full swing and continues the saga of one Mr. Freeze with the episode, “A Dead Man Feels No Cold”! And we have some new clips for you!

First, here’s the synopsis for “A Dead Man Feels No Cold”:

"As Gordon, Bullock and Barnes continue the search for Victor Fries (guest star Nathan Darrow), they are forced to look to his wife, Nora (guest-star Kristen Hager), for help. Meanwhile, Penguin is introduced to Hugo Strange (guest star BD Wong), and Alfred reveals some crucial information to Bruce about his parents’ murderer."

And as I said, we have a couple of new clips for you. The first focuses on Dr. Hugo Strange, who has been trying to replicate Freeze’s formula for freezing and reanimating bodies without much luck. But as circumstances would have it, events are happening that will lead Mr. Freeze right to him and Strange might be able to harness that technology:

The second clip from this Monday’s episode of Gotham shows the return of Bruce Wayne! Who after a month away from Gotham, is more than ready to search for the mysterious “M. Malone” that apparently killed his parents. Alfred has information on Malone, but only if they are truly in this mission “together”:

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It’s good to know they are finally throwing together Leslie Thompkins and Bruce Wayne together in a meaningful manner, she’s one of the most important people in Bruce Wayne’s life. As for Strange, seeing as Nora will become under his care, it’s obvious that he will use her as a bargaining chip to get Freeze to share his technology. Will Freeze agree? We’ll find out tomorrow on the latest episode of Gotham: A Dead Man Feels No Cold on Fox!

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