Batman v Superman First Movie In 4DX


You will be able to feel the movie with Batman v Superman being the first film available in 4DX

Batman v Superman could break a lot of records. Maybe it’ll be the biggest March opening ever. Maybe it’ll be the top grossing comic book film to date. But Batman v Superman will always be able to lay claim to one historic record. It will be the first movie in available to be experienced in 4DX.

And I mean “experience”, because that’s what 4DX is meant to do. Seeing a movie in 4DX is almost like seeing it on a roller coaster. Seats are designed to move and you can even experience what is going on in scenes like rain or wind. Clearly 4DX theaters are designed to really put you in the movie and Batman v Superman will be the first film fans can experience that with.

4DX theaters will only be available to a very limited audience, however. The first two 4DX-equipped theaters are popping up in Manhattan, specifically in the Regal Union Square Stadium 14 and the Regal E-Walk 13. So if you really want to see and feel Batman v Superman, you’ll have to do it in Manhattan.

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Granted, maybe this is because I’m getting a little older, but 4DX sounds awful to me. I enjoy roller coasters and rides, but totally separate from movies. Like, have you ever been on one of those rides that is essentially a short movie, like the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal studios? It is very fun in short bursts. But for a full length movie? Especially a two and a half hour one? Pass. I also don’t even want to guess how expensive a ticket is. I’ll happily be sitting in a perfectly normal movie theater watching Batman v Superman on March 25th.