Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap And Review – “Bouncing Back”


Move over, Marvel’s Agent Carter, because Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is back in action this week! It’s been a while since we’ve seen our SHIELD compatriots, so let’s see how they fared after months off. Thankfully the first minute was recap because my local channel gave me polling updates instead of SHIELD.

Not-So-Short Summary: Three months from now: we see a spaceship orbiting outside of earth. We pan back to see a SHIELD patch on their jacket before everything explodes. I suppose we’ll come back to that…

Back to the present in Columbia, multiple vehicles carrying guns are attacked by what can only be Inhumans, and it kind of reminds me of the opening of the Civil War comics series. Daisy and Joey are investigating with the police, and everyone else is working backup (everyone as in Mack, Hunter, and Bobbi).

Mack stumbles upon our Inhuman frenemy, who has super speed and kicks Mack into the back of a truck. This will go well. He wakes up handcuffed by duct tape to a bathroom sink. His attempt to escape fails, though he does learn that this Inhuman returns to wherever she originated from before going super speed.

It turns out our Inhuman was eating fish when her powers were bestowed upon her. Daisy, Hunter, and Bobbi show up to rescue Mack and take our Inhuman into custody to protect the world from her. But it’s not all it seems…

She stole the weapons to prevent them from being used because the police are corrupt. She’s the opposite of what they thought she was. Hunter and Bobbi find her companion dumping the guns in the river, but local law enforcement show up with an Inhuman of their own that turns Bobbi and Hunter to stone.

Mack has a heart-to-heart with her back at HQ and she agrees to work with them to recover Bobbi and Hunter, who were taken by the cops. Her powers are connected to her pulse, meaning she can travel as far as she can in one heartbeat.

They storm the castle, find Bobbi and Hunter, take out all the cops, and even take down Medusa-Inhuman. You know, like how Quicksilver made breaking Magneto out of the Pentagon super easy in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Of course it’s not that simple, because Hydra shows up to take the Medusa-Inhuman and takes off in their own quinjet/quinhelicopter (if that’s a thing).

In all the aftermath, our Columbian Inhuman decides to stay local and help out where she can while Daisy offers Joey and Lincoln normal lives again. Joey happily takes it while Lincoln decides a make-out session is the better option.

On the SHIELD-HQ-front, Coulson is meeting with the president in Rosalind’s house. Heads of state are calling regarding Inhumans, and Fox News won’t shut up about it. Publicly, the ATCU is the face of the containment, but behind the scenes/in the shadows, it’s SHIELD. The President will be in touch when he gets a new ATCU head.

But Coulson just wants to know how to find Gideon Malick. He crashes the lab and pulls Fitz out of it to talk about Lincoln and to strap Baby Von Strucker into the TAHITI machine to find out what he knows about Malick.

Strucker gets stuck in a loop of his torture at the hands of Hydra, saying, “Just kill me,” over and over. Lincoln zaps his mind to snap him out of it, and they get the information they need.

Coulson takes that lead, plants a tracer on the phone to find every single connection that phone traces, and makes some vague threats, as does Malick. But he gets a new hand thanks to Fitz, one that looks real!

On the Malick-front, we get our first look at the new iteration of Grant Ward. He is creepy. And hungry. But mostly he is haunting. He’s trying to regain his strength, mostly because Ward was very much dead.

“We’ve got a lot of heroes on our side. Makes me wonder what Malick has on his,” Coulson says to May as we jump cut to Grant Ward showing off his Hive powers.

Post-Credits Stinger: The President has picked a new head of the ATCU: Glenn Talbot. This will go well!

Badass Moment of the Week: Joey melting the Medusa-Inhuman’s glasses to his face. Or that commercial for season two of Daredevil.

Best One-Liner: “Can we start where we began?” Simmons asks.
“Sixteen and achingly shy,” Fitz mutters.

Let’s talk FitzSimmons. They’re awkward and professional toward each other until the last few minutes when Simmons says to screw it all, enough is enough, they’ve done this too many times as if they can hear the audience’s thoughts. For which we should all be thankful.

I also still don’t like Daisy/Lincoln whatsoever. I am, however, very much for Daisy/Mack if they want to go that route. However, their platonic relationship is seriously one of the best.

The setting of Bogota made me think of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and how many times Alexander Pierce mentioned it. And how I really wish it had been Bolivia.

Next Tuesday’s all new Agents of SHIELD looks a lot like the first X-Men where they discuss mutants, what they’re capable of, all that jazz we’ve heard before. But if it gets us more Inhumans on our television screens, I’m all for it.