Batman v Superman: You Can’t Blow Up A City & Just Move On


Batman just can’t move on from the destruction caused in events prior to Batman v Superman

We all know now that in Man Of Steel, a Wayne Tech building was destroyed, and Bruce Wayne is just a little miffed about that. But also as Batman, he definitely feels that while the world at large seems to embrace Superman, he can’t a little thing like the destruction of a major city go.

Batman v Superman star Ben Affleck talked about Batman’s feelings and how it drives Batman’s contempt for Superman:

"Watching destruction and seeing things exploding, which we take for granted in this genre of movie — there’s a price for that. There are people in those buildings, and the people in those buildings get killed, and that’s the real price of violence. The real cost of that is in people’s lives and suffering. And we see that through the suffering that Bruce Wayne goes through. I think it’s really interesting. I really liked the idea that you can’t just blow up a whole city and just blindly move on.There’s an enormous amount of fear and resentment and suffering that would engender. And we know what that is, we know what that’s like now. It ties in nicely thematically with Bruce’s dilemma. We know what happens now when confronted with powerful things that scare us, that can hurt us. We get afraid, we get reactionary.We often fall back on our haunches and want to arm ourselves or we want to attack, so I don’t think it’s a very farfetched reaction that Bruce has to the arrival of Superman in the world. It’s not like we all know Superman’s a good guy, he’s been in comic books since the fifties and he’s standing for truth, justice, and the American way. The truth is, a super-being showed up and was in some fights with some other super-beings and a lot of people were killed. I think a tremendous amount of controversy surrounds that. You figure that a lot of people think, ‘This guy should be locked up.’"

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I’m honestly not sure how I feel this about this angle in the story. Sure, this is an older, more world weary and beaten down Batman in Batman v Superman, but it’s also BATMAN. Batman isn’t reactionary, Batman doesn’t give in to fear and irrationality. But that’s exactly what he is doing in Batman v Superman. So let’s hope that the Batman is really at his lowest now, and that we see a better Batman in future movies such as Justice League. Batman v Superman opens in theaters in just 15 days on March 25th.